THEATRE FOR ALL  is a not-for-profit Australian community organization dedicated to providing a wide variety of theatrical and cultural entertainment.  Its activities include the production of audio plays, especially for visually impaired children and adults, available world-wide as free downloadable podcasts; stage plays for the enjoyment of village communities performed by The  Small Hall Theatre Company; video productions of special interest to the Southern Highlands community in New South Wales;  and workshops and seminars for actors, writers, directors, producers and technical personnel.

General Contact:  theatreforallsh@gmail.com


THEATRE FOR ALL has a small number of voting “members” in the sense of  NSW FAIR TRADING requirements, and in accordance with our (Model) Constitution.

Activities are arranged within several Chapters, each of which has an ongoing coordinator as follows:

A Production Manager is appointed by the above Chapter Coordinators for each event or production. Some events and productions are organised in partnership with other local organisations.

Everyone involved in THEATRE FOR ALL donates his or her time and talents.  The Small Hall Theatre Company’s productions are all performed for a nominal fee so that they can be used as fund-raisers for local charities. The organization is financed by its affiliation fees, and donations, and possibly in the future by grants, subscriptions and commercial sponsors.

Our Affiliation Program enables us to pay for operating expenses such as printing, insurance, consumables, venue hire etc. which are generally not available in grants. We invite everyone interested in supporting local theatre to join as an Affiliate each year, and we offer a number of benefits in return. For further details, click HERE.